We want you to become an Affiliate

The Deliberate Injustice team would like your organization to represent “Deliberate Injustice” and help bring our products to your marketplace. This is a mutually beneficial agreement for the Deliberate Injustice Team, as they can increase revenues and for the Affiliate, who increases their market exposure and receives compensation when sales are generated.

What you do:

  • Provide necessary marketing, advertising and sales material
    • Give us exposure to your marketplace
  • Provide internet banking accounts to be used for funds transfers
    • We provide you compensation when sales are generated
  • Receive a sales commission/royalty for any Books/eBook/products sales
    • When sales are made, we send you money
  • Provide coordinator to interface with us
    • Give us a representative to coordinate projects with

What we do:

  • Provide the technical infrastructure to maintain and process internet sales
  • Provide fulfillment services
  • Provide a link facilitate customer orders
  • Provide Affiliate tracking codes
  • Transfer royalty fees through internet banking
  • Maintain eBook links and digital distribution downloads
  • Provide eBook Sales Analytics
  • Provide coordinator to interface with Affiliate
  • Provide necessary technical support to the Affiliate
  • Provide necessary customer service

Interested in becoming an Affiliate? Contact Us and let us know!